GCHP Fiery Run Rider On The Storm BCAT

Bred by Drs. David Nutting, Betsy Tolley, Kay Henderson and Wyatt Delfino. Owned by Drs. David Nutting and Betsy Tolley.


This wonderful boy is one of Alek's ( GCH Sedona Aleksandrovich ) sons and has done so well that we thought we'd create a page for him on our site because his father is so very proud of him and so are we.  Had it not been for a phone call from Kay Henderson of Wildwood Borzoi on behalf of David and Betsy asking to use our Alek at stud, Thor would never have been born.  

With team work between my husband Jeff, David and Betsy the semen that was collected and shipped by my husband, then temporarily lost by FedEx was finally found and their lovely girl Dreamer - GCHS Wildwood Fiery Run Out Of My Dreams was successfully bred.


Thor finished easily and was campaigned to #2 Borzoi Breed System for 2018.

In 2019 Thor won Select Dog at the Borzoi Club Of America National Specialty Show

under esteemed breeder judge Kalen Dumke!

Alek's son Thor is now Grand Champion Platinum! 
GCHP Fiery Run Rider On The Storm BCAT
Currently #3 Borzoi Dog Lifetime GCH Points ranking
and one of only 5 Borzoi to achieve a Platinum title in the history of the program!


Thor is reminescent of his Great Grandfather Rising Star Kristofer Kikuji with his wonderful substance and bone. He has the elegance and stunning head of his father Alek. 


Thor's handler Rhanda Glenn is one of the top Borzoi handlers in the Nation and has done a superb job of presenting this young Special.


Thor has strong, powerful and balanced sidegait with lovely reach and drive.