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Borzoi Breeding Fall 2019

Update: 10-12-2019

Golden Pearls Litter

GCH Sedona Deja Debonnaire  X  of Golden West Sedona The Lory

COI  .54%

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About The Borzoi Puppies From This Litter

This will be a co-breeding with Kayo Wakiyama in Florida and Tamara from Sedona Borzoi.


 With Quinn's exquisite movement and balanced structure, combined with Vivian's stunning type and fluid movement, we are sure the Borzoi puppies from this litter will be winners. Quinn and Vivian both have lovely Borzoi temperaments that are outgoing without being overly fawning.

Both of them are very affectionate, adventurous and keep Kayo on her toes.

If you are interested in a Borzoi puppy from this litter, please fill out one of our

Borzoi puppy applications using the links below:

The pictures in the gallery below are NOT pictures of new puppies.

These are pictures of the sire and dam when they were puppies:

Dam . Vivian and Sire . Quinnie