Destiny Litter

Planned for Summer 2022

Simple Obsession Think Of Me  X  of Golden West Sedona The Lory

This litter is a cobreeding with Kayo Wakiyama and will be whelped at her home  in Florida.


Story Behind The "Destiny" Litter

Destiny is something that is meant to be and presents itself along your path in life.  The story of this litter is just that....destiny.  Two years ago, Facebook allowed me the opportunity to spot

a young 4 month old import male from a single photo and fall in love.  The rest is not just history,

but the destiny of this exquisite pairing.  As luck or "destiny" would have it,

this young boy lived in Florida not far from Kayo's home in Oviedo.

I introduced myself to Trisha Hanson ( Sasha's Mom).

We became friends.

When I reached out to Trisha to use this young boy at stud she agreed.  Well then Trisha needed to move back to Wisconsin so our plan was delayed a bit.  We will not be breeding these

lovelys until Fall of 2021 .  With Sasha's exceptional structure, movement and

temperament, this will be  lovely pairing.


Here is the Kismet part.  His name... 

Simple Obsession Think Of Me


and the fact that he looks so very much like my Zasha is what sparked my 

interest in exploring this journey to breed to this gorgeous boy!

It has always inspired me when I can discover a phenotype

so similar to the type I love with a pedigree that is

wide open and supports my vision of 

genetic diversity.

The pictures in the gallery below are NOT pictures of new puppies.

These are pictures of the sire and dam when they were puppies:

Sire . Sasha

Dam . Vivian