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The STOLEN Litter

Whelped 11-11-22

CH Cazimir's Tvarisch   x  Morgan

This litter was supposed to be a co-breeding with Sedona Borzoi and  using frozen semen from Kater Averill's boy Tvar

CH Cazimir's Tvarisch




It is with frustration, anger and sadness that I post this      BAD NEWS!!! About this litter for the Borzoi community to read and share.


Katie Averill was just informed that none of the puppies are Tvars!!!!

She let us think that these were Tvar sired puppies for nine weeks! 

She hijacked what was supposed to be my breeding of Morgan that she "volunteered" to whelp as a co-breeder since Jeff and I could not do it while both of us are working full time.  We have very high standards for puppy care and never leave them alone.

She knowingly inseminated Morgan with Tvar's frozen semen early.  She told Katie that she thought it was early but DID NOT tell me.  I would have said WAIT!!!!

Do NOT use the semen if her progesteron level is not high enough!

She said - Saturday was the only day Gary - her vet could do the surgial implant.  She should have then waited if it were "early" a direct quote from her to Katie. 


She professes that she is an expert in canine fertility.  If SHE IS...then again, She knowlingly used the semen too early.

After She inseminated Morgan "early" as she told Katie Averill (the supplier and owner of the Tvar's semen), she then made a decision with this CO-BREEDING without asking ME and bred to her boy as a live breeding behind my back.

She never told me she did this!!!

She now has tried to blame Katie and I for not sending her 8 vials (on social media) so she could do two breedings.


So here's a question.  Are you going to anesthisize the bitch a second time and do another surgical implant??? 


No....  She was going to do a vaginal AI. 

According to Dr. Cindy Smith (top West Coast Fertility Specialist), using frozen semen this way via a vaginal AI, you may as well throw it in the trash as you would be wasting it.  

That is why Katie sent her enough for one surgical implant.  Had the surgical insemination been performed at the CORRECT timing with progesterone levels, the breeding would probably have been a success.

Dr. Cindy Smith has had a 95% success rate and ALL of my frozen semen litters that she has performed have been successful.

I DO NOT know what Morgan's progesterone level was when inseminated.  I asked her and she would not tell me.  Probably because is was much lower than needed to be successful.

According to my lawyer (and yes, I have one), this is considered a "Breach of Contract" 

A verbal contract is just as binding just as a written contract and She violated our verbal contract!!!!

She knew that I DID NOT WANT Morgan bred to her boy. 

I told her that several times when I was searching for the perfect match for Morgan.


Katie Averill of Khanzade Borzoi graciously offered Tvars semen because of our long term friendship at no charge in exchange for having her kennel name on two of the puppies.

This very special breeding was in memory of Katie's husband Bruce Averill's spirit. 


She SPIT on Bruce's spirit.

To do this to both Katie and I is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION AS BREEDER. 


Her behavior has been despicable, unethical, and is a disgrace to the Borzoi breeding community!

Below are pictures of the beautiful breeding combination that Katie and I dreamed of,

Stolen by a her!

The STOLEN Litter


As luck would have it, Morgan came into season early from our planned litter timing for next year, so the search was on the best sire.  Thankfully, my good friend Katie Averill of Khanzade Borzoi had frozen semen from her beautiful male Tvarish.  The pedigrees blend nicely

without being too tight and combine the stunning phenotype of these two.


We feel blessed to have been able to use this boy that was born 20 years ago to create a litter with a strong phenotypic connection. Two pups from this litter will carry the Khanzade kennel name to honor Bruce and thank Katie for her wonderful friendship and support for this litter.

Bruce Averill and Tvar


What a beautiful win photo with Bruce and Tvar.  Everyone is smiling!

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