Deja Vu Puppy Gallery

7 Champions . 1 Grand Champion

and one Miracle boy Roo!

The Deja Vu kids
Our stunning Beau
Shax leaping over a fence
Puppy snuggle
Stella's portrait
Stella trotting.  Look at that coat!
Shax stunning profile
Stella trotting
Mila snuggles into her pillow
Red on his bed
Shax stack as a puppy
Stella wants the kleenex box
Stella on the stairs
Shax what a handsome man
Stella moving out with Janet
Stunning Stella!
Roo slummber
Shax with Brilly
Shax on the beach
Shax puppy stack
Shax mesmerized
Red sniffing the grass
Shax lure coursing
Shax by the river
Roo with Olynxa
Shax amongst the grass
Roo sniffing the fern
Roo loves Papa Jeff
Roo explores a rock
Roo likes his red ball
Roo by the blue pot
Mila in her leather chair
Roo asleep on the deck
Mila's cute bonnet ears
Roo and his Mom
Stella stacked in Arizona
Red's reflection in the pond
Beau hears the neighbor through the fenc
Stella with her Dad Dan
Mila puppy free stack
Red What's up Mom
Red on the grass
Red in the dirt
Stella puppy bonnet ears
Red free stacking at the lake park
Red gazing at the lake
Red standing on the beach
Red being stacked
Our sweet Ellie on the beach
Mila's stunningprofile
Stella napping
Mila's stunning profile
Mila's beautiful markings
Mila stacking in the family room
Stella Best Of Winners - Major - New Cha
Mila sleeping beauty
Cher with her monkey man
Guy at the National in Richland
Mila likes to eat grass
Mila freestacking in the yard
Mila by the lake
Mila and Roo
Guy stacked in the front yard
Mila and The Roo Man
Mila and Red love the dirt
Guy in the ferns
Mila and Beau at the lake
Jeff with Cher and Shax
Ellie snoozing under the chair
Guy stacked at the National
Guy ready to pounce
Guy stacked at a show
Guy show stacked
Guy lounging on the leather chair
Ellie's sweet puppy ears
Ellies beautiful profile
Ellie standing on the japanese lantern
Ellie pup sleeping in the grass
Ellie grassy nap
Cher on her lounge sofa
Beau looks mysterious!
Ellie asleep on the couch
Ellie as a yearling
Cher free stacked in the yard
Ellie and Beau exploring the pond
Beau sleeps
Cher's pretty profile
Cuddle bug Beau
Cher the lounge Diva
Cher sees a bird
Cher puppy stack
Beau sees a bird in the bush
Beau exploring the pond in the morning
Baby Beau
A face to love miss Cher
Quinn relaxed stack in the ring
Quinn checking out the pond
Quinn on the down and back
Quinn sniffing a noble fir
Quinn sniffing the grass
Quinn BOS Royal Canin Show
Quinn sees a bug
Quinn lounging
Quinn with his friend Mocha
Quinn's portrait
Quinn mystery portrait
Quinn on the grooming table
Quinn puppy free stack
Quinn yearling free stack
Quinn sees the moon
Quinn close up
Comfy Quinn on his favorite bed

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