Morozova Rey’s Clynelish

Kay Novotny graciously allowed Valentino to live with our very best friend and family member Jackie Spaulding after her sweet Beau left her several months ago.  

It was very Kismet that I just happened to open up Facebook at my desk during my lunch break and see Kay's post about this lovely, sweet boy needing a new home.  Something told me to jump at the chance for Jackie.

Everything flowed smoothly and Jackie is thrilled to have this handsome and loving boy in her life.  He has adjusted seamlessly almost as if Beau is "showing him the ropes"

Jeff and I are honored to be Valentino's God Parents and enjoy him as part of the family. There is no more precious animal love than that of a Borzoi. 



His first day after a play session in the back yard he went directly to the patio love seat and claimed it for himself.  Jackie already knows she needs to buy a full sized outdoor couch now to share with him this summer. 

Valentino is VERY photogenic with his lovely caramel coloring nestled amongst his white and charcoal baby Borzoi curls.  What a lovey sable zoiboy he is!