Borzoi breeder Seattle WA. Borzoi Breeder of quality show and companion Borzoi. Breeder focus on health and temperament. Puppies for sale. Borzoi Breeders committed to genetic diversity for healthy Borzoi.  Borzoi breeder whose dogs are their beloved companions. We are a Borzoi Breeder committed to the breed.  A Borzoi Breeder that values health and temperament.  Breeder of top Borzoi Show Dogs and companion Borzoi Dogs.  We do not breed using tight line breeding.  We are a Borzoi Breeder that uses an assortative mating strategy that pairs Borzoi of similar phenotypes with qualities that compliment each other to produce healthy Borzoi dogs. BorzoiWe are Borzoi breeders with puppies in Texas, Kentucky, Tennesse, Arizona, Oregon, Calfiornia, Idaho, Washington, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic! As a conscientious Borzoi breeder, it's important that we breed Borzoi of sound mind and body. We are members of multiple Borzoi dog breeder clubs. There are Borzoi dog breeders that breed multiple Borzoi litters per year, but we believe in quality over quanitity. Our Borzoi dogs are bred as Borzoi companions first and then spirited and competitive Borzoi partners in Borzoi conformation, Borzoi coursing, Borzoi agility and Borzoi rally!

As conscientious borzoi breeders, we are proud that our first borzoi litter has done so well. Borzoi breeders feel it is important that the borzoi dog gene pool be protected and we are no exception. We are borzoi breeders that do health testing on our borzoi dogs that will be bred.  We love our borzoi dogs like our children.  They are the most spoiled borzoi!  Borzoi Breeders Borzoi Breeders Of Quality Borzoi Puppies for sale in Washington State - Borzoi Breeders of Top Winning Borzoi dogs. Top US borzoi puppies bred from top borzoi champions!  We occassionally have borzoi puppies sale. Working with a reputable borzoi breeder is important to finding just the right borzoi for you. So be sure and ask any borzoi breeders you are working with to provide health testing records for the borzoi dog sire and borzoi dam of their borzoi litter. Once you find a relationship with a borzoi breeder you trust, meet the sire and dam of the borzoi litter and other borzoi littermates. Check out the borzoi breeder's facilities in which the borzoi puppies were born and raised. After all, you will have a relationship with your new borzoi puppy but also his or her breeders for many years to come. Being owned by borzoi is nothing short of wonderful and you deserve the best borzoi!  The borzoi dog gives that special borzoi love that no other breed can match.  Also, join your local borzoi club to meet other borzoi dog enthusiasts.  There are also many borzoi websites and borzoi dog information documents such as the Visualization Of The Borzoi standard.  You can find this borzoi dog standard by going to the Borzoi Club Of America website.  So learn as much as you can about borzoi dogs before you make your match!  A borzoi dog match made in heaven...Borzoi - Awesome!