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CH Sedona Winter Karma x CH Golightly Brolin Ooma Franca JC

COI  2.6%



Kris and I are VERY pleased with the get  from this lovely phenotypic outcross. 
We are seeing stunning type, strong consistency, excellent movement and versatility with success on the field and the conformation ring!


CH Sedona Brolin Gatsby Girl NC CGN RN CD

Brill lives with Leigh in Canada. Brill was the #6 conformation Borzoi in Canada for 2012! One weekend she was the top scoring Hound on the field winning over 30 hounds competing. The following weekend she won a Group 2 and a Group 3 from the classes! She also won BEST OF BREED in the field. The judge was very complimentary, stating that she had given Brill the highest score for her prelimary run that she has given any dog ever in the past 12 years!



GCH Sedona The Charleston Brolin Protzel

Charlie was loved by Rich Protzel.  Rich left this earth and Charlie followed months after, I'm sure of a broken heart.  Charlie and Rich were a good team and managed to pull out a CH and Grand Championship in tough Northern California competition.  I always praised Rich for his determination and perseverance.


CH Sedona Brolin Chamize JC

Chamii lives with her Mom Stephanie Perona at Trulions Borzoi in California! Chamii has beautifully balanced angles front and rear, a lovely long tail with perfect carriage, rich dark eyes, scissors bite with full dentition, is sound coming and going, with lovely, ground covering sidegait. Chamii won WB/BOW at the Northern California Borzoi Club Specialty under breeder judge Jon Steele.



CH Brolin Sedona Art Nouveau

Arthur was Kris' pick of the litter.  He is a stunning representation of the breeding. Sleek yet substancial, Arthur has wonderful structure with a long neck, gorgeous head, scissors bite and full dentition, rich dark eyes, long tail with perfect carriage, deep chest and awesome movement!


Brolin Sedona Top Hat N Spatz

Lance lives with Didi Culp on her farm.  He has a very nice shoulder assembly with balanced rear angulation, nice long neck flowing into a lovely topline. He has full dentition and a scissors bite. He has wonderful substance with bladed bone, deep chest, a stunning head piece, correct ears and perfect feet! Pictured winning Best of Breed



Sedona SpeakEz Brolin

Rigel lives with his brother Baqir, Mary Veronda and her family just outside of  Portland in Scapoose Oregon.


Brolin Sedona Valentino

Baqir lives with his brother Rigel in Scapoose Oregon with Mary Veronda of Wyndwyr Hounds and his mom Caitlin.  Mary has been owned and loved by borzoi for over 35 years.



Brolin Sedona Onyx N Pearlz

Anja lives in Irvine California with her parents Sheron and Donald Hufstader.  She walks Balboa Island and the Irvine foothills every weekend.


Brolin Sedona Lindy Hop

Katarina lives with Cleber Delázari and Alcides Gabriel of Maison D'etoiles Borzoi in Brazil.



Sedona Brolin Ascot N' Tails

Yuri lives in the country outside of Sao Paulo Brazil with Solange Mikail.  He helps Solange with her horse patients as she is an Equine Veterinarian and has a horse rehabilitation pracitce.


Brolin Sedona Aneese Folles

Aneese lived with Stephanie of Trulions Borzoi.  She was the running fool between she and her sister. At the Northern California Whippet Fanciers AKC Lure Coursing in Dixon she won Best of Breed and Best In Field!  Stephanie said it gave her chillswatching her little speed demon. She had been training them at her property up in the foothills and obviously it's paid off!

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