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This image symbolizes our breeding committment to Symmetry in our Borzoi breeders program.


Borzoi Quinn showing the perfect Borzoi movement with superb symmetry and balance.  He is a Borzoi breeders dream of a dog!

Symmetry In Motion

Structural Symmetry . Balance  . Correct Topline . Sound - Ground Covering Movement .


We have realized over the years that just because a dog wins alot in the ring, does not necessarily mean that it is truly the best representation of a functionally correct Borzoi.  We have chosen not to let the influences of what we see winning in the conformation ring, dictate our breeding choices.


Our goal is to work towards achieving symmetrical and balanced structure, while working within the standard's delineation of a correct Borzoi.  That being said, we breed for a Borzoi that has balanced angulation front to rear with proper croup angle to create the symmetry required for maximum running abilities.  We practice a

form follows function breeding strategy.

We have not personally participated in field events, but several of our Borzoi and Borzoi sired by our males have competed in the field and conformation, performing exceptionally well in both.  We are proud of their versatility and feel it is a positive reflection on our breeding choices.  Our Miss Brill and Aneese, as well as Avatar Borzoi's Emma (sired by Cooper) are excellent examples, excelling in the field and the conformation ring! 


I mention Symmetry as a key component of our Breeding Vision.  What is symmetry?  Symmetry generally conveys two primary meanings. The first is an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance; such that it reflects

beauty or perfection.

The second meaning is a precise and well-defined concept of balance or "patterned self-similarity" that can be demonstrated or proved according to the rules of a formal system: by geometry, through physics or otherwise.


We have had moderately angled Borzoi and some with a bit more angulation, but always with an eye towards balance.  The functionality of a properly angled Borzoi that is well balanced, will be far superior to a Borzoi that is very over angled in the rear compared to the front.  This overangulation causes overreaching and inefficiency of movement.  Overreaching is a common fault caused by more angulation and drive from behind than in the front so that the rear feet are forced to step to one side of the front feet to avoid interference or clipping.  This is one of the many forms of poor foot timing.  The FCI Borzoi Standard considers overangled hindquarters to be a "Severe Fault".


We strive for a correct and flexible topline with a comparatively longer loin than back flowing into the proper croup angle for optimum symmetry.  Also key is soundness on the down and back as well as fluid, ground covering sidegait.


In my opinion, the Borzoi head is indicative of the breed type and I guess you could call me a head nut, hence an entire page devoted to Stunning Heads.  We value high set ears as well as powerful jaws and strong teeth to pin their prey.  Although the US Borzoi Standard states that a level bit is acceptable, we breed for a scissors bite as it required in the FCI Borzoi Standard.


I could recite the entire Borzoi Standard as that is our guide, but I wanted to focus on our core vision of balance and symmetry as it pertains to structure and the overall dog and then touch on a few of the other components that we feel are important to our breeding program.

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