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GCH Sedona Bariatinsky  X  CH Sedona Deja La Meilleure

COI  8.6%

Barii BOW PSBC.png
Mila Freestack Yard.png


Exquisite structure, balance and movement beget the same.  With the sire Barii's stallion looks, strong build and stunning movement combined with Mila's stunning type, balanced structure and fluid movement, we are sure the puppies from this litter will be winners just as they have been.


Sedona Tourmaline

Lina lives in Ontario Canada with Brenda Hadden and her husband David.  Brenda is an experienced Borzoi Breeder in Canada under the  kennel Elmden Borzoi with impressive results during the 80's and 90's.  She bred beautiful Borzoi combining Sirhan, Duncan and Dutch lines.  Brenda and Tamara have co-bred Lina's first litter in 2020 with fabulous results!  Check out the litter page.

Lina In Chair.png
Elle Sofa.png


Sedona Diamond Girl

Elle is now in her forever home in Jupiter Florida with a lovely 1.15 acres to romp and play with her Mom Lindsey and Dad Rob.  Linsey was a Great Dane breeder and has made the move to Borzoi, her lifelong dream.  We wish Linsey much love and success and welcome her to the Sedona Borzoi family.



GCH CH Sedona Malachite

Maksi lives in North Carolina with his mom Carolyn Mewborn. He finished his AKC Championship and Grand Championship with ease being handled exquistely by Joanne Freise.   


Sedona Tanzanite

Our, precious Tanzy lives in Wappinger Falls New York with Kitty and Frank!


Sedona Andalusite

Anton lives with Becky Ranger and his cousin Stoli in New York.  He is going to be a big boy and has some growing to do while Stoli is showing.


Sedona Onyx

Nik lives in Kansas with his Dad Les and loves to romp on their acreage.  He also gets to play with his Silken Windhound friend.

Nik Relaxing.png


Sedona Obsidian

Sid lives in Washington with his new mom Dr Polly Martin DVM and his Dad on their beautiful property.  Sid also get's to go with Mom to work and outgrew his bed, so Mom bought Sid a new BIG bed.  Sid decided to give it to his spider buddy and stay in his snuggly bed.  He frolics on their acreage and enjoys chasing after grasshoppers and rabbits but he especially likes his big spider toy!


Sedona Kyanite

Our precious Bleu lives in Washington state in a companion home.  His name was changed but we like his original name better, so we are using it on the website.  A sweeter boy you will never find.  We hope Bleu brings as much joy to his new mom as he did to us from birth to 5 months old.



Beautiful Morgan.  Lovely outline with stunning head and exquisite movement.  A beauty from this very consistent litter.

Morgan Free Stack Cropped copy_edited_edited.jpg
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