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GCH Sedona Aleksandrovich x CH Blackmoor Ikea

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Platinum and Gold, the two most prestigious and sought after metals used to create magnificent works of art and exquisite jewelry for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, Royalty  and Regals of today.  That's how we feel about this wonderful combination with the strength and longetivty of Platinum, paired with the beauty and everlasting brilliance of Gold.


CH Blackmoor Sedona Hearts On Fire

This stunning Silver Sable bitch is the pick of the Platinum and Gold litter and lives with Kim Sime in Verona Wisconsin.  Ziva has a lovely shoulder and rear, stunning head, scissors bite, full dentition and open flowing sidegait.  She is truly reminicent of her father Alek with the stunning type of her mother Ikea and the movement of both!  Ziva has excelled in the show ring winning a Hound Group 4 after her 5th BOB from the classes!



CH Sedona Blackmoor Platinum Blonde At Wolfblitz

Monroe lives in Texas with Laurie and finished her championship easily.


Sedona Blackmoor Aspen Gold

Aspen is a happy boy and lives with Deb Henderson in Colorado. He is a well built boy with a stunning head, scissors bite and full dentition.



Blackmoor Sedona All That Glistens

Our beautiful and stunning Jasmine is in a home that will love her forever. Not for what she can do for them in the show ring, or whelping box, but as a life long companion that will be treasured forever. Jasmine moves soundly down and back, just look at her lovely straight rear in this photo. I cannot thank Nancy enough for being there for Jasmine in her time of need. Jasmine is healthy, happy and living a wonderful life with Nancy.


Blackmoor Sedona Electrum

Gracie lives in Colorado with Marguerite and Neal. She is the love of their lives!



Blackmoor Sedona Golden Star

Layla lives with her parents Kay and Paul Hayes in Oklahoma. She is very happy there with her new Borzoi family.


Blackmoor Sedona Golden Rose

Rosie was strong and bold but sweet as a button!  Sadly, she was hit by a car at a young age at her owners home.  She will be in their hearts forever.

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