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The Great Gatsby Litter

Whelped June 8th 2020

Simple Obsession Staying Power  X   Sedona Tourmaline

COI .28%

Moor Profile2.jpg


With Lina's exquisite movement and balanced structure, combined with Moor's fabulous shoulder assembly, stunning type and fluid movement, we are sure the Borzoi puppies from this litter will represent this breeding well in the ring and as loving companions! Moor and Lina have lovely Borzoi temperaments that are outgoing without being overly fawning

This litter is a co-breeding between 

Brenda Hadden of Elmden Borzoi and Tamara Carey of Sedona Borzoi.



Elmden Sedona Gibson Girl

Arrow is the pick bitch from The Great Gatsby litter and will be staying with Brenda.  We look forward to great things from this stunning girl in the ring and some day in the whelping box.  Watch for her in 2021, we hope!  Look at her stunning head!



Sedona Elmden Ashenafea All That Jazz

Jasper is the pick male from the litter and has settled in with his new Mom Jan Schreiber and her husband in Graham Washington.  He will be co-owned with Tamara and presented here in the Pacific Northwest.  A strapping boy he will be, with dapper good looks and charismatude to spare!

Congratulations to Jan on her new Borzoi boy!


Elmden Sedona Icart

Our happy boy! Freddie is staying with Brenda until he grows up to gain his Canadian Championship and then move on to his AKC Championship in the US.

Ivan low res.jpg


Sedona Elmden Party Till Dawn

Ivan has arrived at his new show home in New York with his Dad Eduardo and his husband.  He will be presented on the East Coast in 2021 by his handler.  Until then, he will be spoiled rotten!


Elmden Sedona Coco Chanel

Circe lives with her new Mom Ariadne in Massachusetts.  She will adorn the sofa with elegance and live the life of a Russian Princess!



Elmden Sedona Erte

Beau lives with his new Mom Emily in Ohio where he will compete in multiple performance events and lure coursing.  Look for him at the Borzoi National in 2021.  


Sedona Elmden Flirtatious Foxtrot

Anya has begun her new life with her Mom Barbara in Pennsylvania with her Lab buddies.  She starting her shown training and will in the conformation ring once she is ready.

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