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Roo's name came from the Australian Kangaroo since he was all pink with no fur when he was born and sired by a male from Australia.  Below is a gallery of Roo so you can share in the joy of his survival, development and fabulous life with Olynxa.

Roo fast asleep
Jeff giving Roo loves
Olynxa loving Roo
Roo loves the red ball
Roo's profile
Roo looking over the edge of deck
Roo by the water bowl
Roo in slumber
Roo's cute face
Roo's lovely profile
Roo's pretty head
Roo sleeping on couch
Roo and Sophia by the beach
Roo by the lake
Roo likes to drink out of the lake
Roo on the dock in the rain
Roo runs along the beach
Roo comfy on the couch
Roo taking a rest
Roo's pretty teeth
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