Storm Puppy Gallery

Cooper freestacking at the Seattle Kenne
Cooper with Jeff at a show
Calvin is happy in the lush green grass.
Cooper sidegait
Calvin elegance in repose
Cooper heading us the Stud line up where
Calvin's stunning head
Cooper getting his own drink out of an a
Brianna loves the grass
Cooper BOS at the Puget Sound Borzoi Spe
Cooper lounging in the yard
Cooper 8 years old with Jeff
Cooper freestacking at the Eukanuba Nati
Skyler in the ring
Sedona Crystal Wind Angel in the ring
Cooper elegance in repose
Gypsy in the ring
Cooper Best of Breed
Cooper Best in Stud Dog win picture PSBC
Cooper Best of Breed Bo Bengston
Cooper Award of Merit with Nadine Johnso
Cooper as a young pup
Princess Briana sleeping
Calvin eating the Camperdown leaves
Skyler freestacked
Brianna stacked in the yard

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Cooper Best in Stud Dog win picture PSBC