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Symmetry In Motion . Elegance In Repose

Borzoi are a magnificent heritage breed.  The Borzoi or Russian Wolfhound was bred  in ancient Russia by the aristocracy to course and hunt wolves and small game.  The essense of these noble hounds has been captured in Art Deco and historic paintings throughout the world. Borzoi are graceful in movement and repose as they curl up with you on the sofa .  They are living art with a heart of gold that will open up and surround you with love and devotion as a family companion.

*** Drogo Is A Star***
Drogo was chosen to be part of the 2020 ad campaign for the 
new iPhone 11 with the Ultra Wide Lens.  
Here he is below, 20 stories tall on a building 
in Hollywood California! 

Drogo is now also in Manhattan! 
From the West Coast to the East Coast , our boy is a star!!!
Iphone 11 Wide Angle Lens C.jpg

We Have Puppies Planned!

We have two litters of Borzoi puppies planned. One for Fall 2020 and one for Fall 2021. We are currently accepting applications for companion, show and performance puppies.

If you are interested in one of our Borzoi puppies from this litter, please visit our Borzoi Puppies Available page.

Raising Our Borzoi Puppies

Our Borzoi puppies are born and raised in our home with love and attention 24/7.  My husband Jeff and I are devoted to raising our Borzoi puppies to be outgoing, affectionate youngsters that will adapt well to their new families.  This is our passion.  We currently have Borzoi puppies across the US in Washington . Oregon . California    Nevada .  Idaho . Colorado . Oklahoma . Texas    Kansas . North Carolina . Georgia . Tennessee    Kentucky . Florida and New York .  We also

have Borzoi in BC and Ontario Canada

as well as  San Paolo Brazil.


Our Promise

As Borzoi Breeders

Our promise to maintain genetic diversity in our breeding program will help insure that the Borzoi puppies we breed will be healthier and long lived.  This is a Sedona Borzoi core philosophy .

Genetic Diversity . Assortative Mating . No Inbreeding Depression . Low COI% .

Our Borzoi Stars

Below are some of our Borzoi stars.  These Sedona Borzoi have performed exceptionally well in the show ring with all achieving their AKC Grand Championships and several reaching top National ranking. As sires and dam, they have contributed signifgantly to the Sedona Borzoi breeding program producing exceptional Borzoi puppies that carry on their legacy of excellent structure, balance, fluid movement reaching from the shoulder, fabulous temperaments and stunning good looks.  As long time Borzoi breeders, we are very proud of their many accompishments!



Cooper was a top ranked Borzoi in the U.S. for 3 years.  In 2007 shown exclusively owner handled, he was the #1 Borzoi owner handled in the All Breed ring competing with the top West Coast  handlers.  He also ranked #4 Borzoi Breed and #5 Borzoi All Breed stats that year. Cooper had 130 Best of Breed wins, 2 SPECIALTY BEST IN SHOWS,  Group One wins and Group placements.


Zasha has followed in his father Cooper's pawsteps achieving top ranking in 2016 as the #1 Borzoi owner handled in the All Breed competition, #6 Borzoi Breed and #8 All Breed. During his career, Zasha had two BEST IN HOUND SHOW  wins defeating over 340 hounds -  Western Washington Hound Specialty and over 250 at the Cascade Hound Show.


Cooper's other son Barii started off strong winning a Bred by Exhibitor BEST IN SHOW at just 9 months old during his weekend International Show.  He gained all his AKC single points by 15 months of age and finished his AKC championship by winning Winners Dog/Best of Winners at the Puget Sound Borzoi Club Specialty Show.



Lexi has lived up to her name, finishing in 2006 as the # 11 Borzoi All Breed Systems in the United States. She was only shown 16 times that year. Lexi acquired both of her majors by taking two Group I's from the classes in tough competition. Lexi now has 3 Group I's to her credit!  She also won an AOM at the prestigious Lompoc Hound Specialty under breeder judge Patti Neale.


Lexi's son Quinn has carried on her winning ways with his exquisite movement. Kayo and Quinnie showed only in Florida getting both his AKC Championship and Grand Championship without having to leave the state.  Kayo and Quinn then surpassed our expectations by winning BOS at the Eukanuba National Championship show under breeder judge John Reeves Newsom defeating over 26 Borzoi!


Drogo is a star in the ring and as a model.  Drogo finished his Championship in style, went out the next 2 months as a Special winning back to back Group 1's and a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!!

Not only did he finish the year as the as #22 Borzoi Breed system, Drogo was part of an iPhone 11 ad campaign with a 20 story tall ad on a building in Hollywood California!

Kudos to his parents!

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