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We are Tamara and Jeff and have been passionate and committed to Borzoi for 31 years, Borzoi Breeders for 18 of those years. We did not even begin to breed Borzoi until we had been immersed in the breed for over 13 years. 


We spent that 13 years showing, living and learning with our Borzoi kids before we 

took the step to breed our first litter.  During that time we studied borzoi structure, movement, temperament, health, pedigrees and the principles of responsible breeding. 

We immersed ourselves in everything Borzoi so that our first litter was created using the best Borzoi breeding pair we could and the successful results of that litter were a testament to our efforts to take the time to learn before leaping into the breeding world. 


The Storm Litter produced 7 AKC Champions, 2 AKC Grand Champions, 2 Hound Group winners, a Multiple Best In Specialty Show winner and 2 Top Ranking Borzoi in the Nation!   Cooper was the #1 Owner Handled Borzoi ( prior to the existence of the Owner Handler Group ) in the Nation in 2007, exclusively Owner Handled to every win in the regular Hound Group.


 This means we were successful competing against the top West Coast handlers and their top ranking Hounds, finishing the year overall nationally ranked #4 Breed - #5 All Breed.

Our vast experience has served us well over the past 31 years in the breed.  As of 2022, we have bred, co-bred and imported 37 Borzoi that have attained their AKC conformation Championships and we are very proud of their many accomplishments. 


As long time Borzoi breeders, we have learned from each litter and have been told by our many Borzoi puppy parents that we have enriched their lives.  Sharing this wonderful breed has been an honor and the lifelong friendships a precious gift.


My husband Jeff is the dog whisperer here at Sedona Borzoi.  His connection and devotion to our Borzoi kids is unparalleled.  He is the backbone of Sedona Borzoi and our success is a result of his caring, hard work and love for the breed.  A man of high integrity, fabulous sense of humor and gentle spirit deeply connected with the earth and all that live here.  He is my rock and my partner in life.  I am truly blessed.

Cooper Eukanuba Best BBE Award of Excell


Tamara is the visionary and planner at Sedona Borzoi.  The one who can close her eyes and see the perfect Borzoi in her mind.  She never stops dreaming, researching or planning for the next magical Borzoi breeding.  She is highly competitive and has worked hard to build a strong breeding program with great success.  She loves her Borzoi deeply with a bond so strong the loss of every Zoi child takes its toll.

Tamara is also very creative and opened the Borzoi Gift Shop and Art Deco Gifts where she puts her graphic design talent to work, creating wonderful gifts you will not find online anywhere else! 


Our Borzoi kids are our beloved companions first and foremost.  We never had children, so I always say "Our kids have fur" whenever asked.  Together my husband Jeff and I have created a wonderful life near Seattle Washington that revolves around our beautiful Borzoi, enjoying the nature around us, showing in AKC dog shows and breeding quality Borzoi puppies!


For fun we show them in AKC dog shows.  Jeff and I both show our own Borzoi, but it took me thirteen years to get Jeff in the dog show conformation ring. Once he took back to back majors at the prestigious Seattle Kennel Club show with our Borzoi boy Skyler to finish his AKC championship he was hooked!

We campaigned two of our Borzoi to top ranking in the United States solely owner handled all the way.  In 2007, our Cooper was ranked the #1 Borzoi owner handled in the All Breed competition in the Nation, defeating top handlers on the west coast.  His son Zasha accomplished the same handled by both Jeff and myself in 2016.  

Jeff and little Roo
Deja Vu Puppy - Beau
Tamara and Zasha at a dog show.
Alek and Gryph
Zasha Mezmerised
Tabri in repose
Cooper louning on the grass
Ellie relaxing on the sofa
Calvin on the sofa.
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