Roaring 20's Puppy Gallery

Rigel freestack in the yard
Lance in repose
Rigel's puppy face
Anja standing as lovely as ever in a fie
Brilly loves to run!
Brill in the vibrance of fall
Rigel and his human sister
Regal Rigel
Rigel in the yard
Lindy freestacking in the grass
Yuri, hey Mom what's going on...
Yuri on his new bed
Lance with his toy
Yuri in his Sao Paolo yard
Yuri and his Rotti friend
Yuri and his toy
Lance lovely profile
Lance Best of Breed
Lance freestack
Run Yuri Run!
It's a family affair
Go Lindy
Charlie's pretty head
Rigel in the snow
Chamise emploring the tree stump
Charlie stacked at a show
Rigels puppy profile
Chamise BOS in Sweepstakes
Brill's got a stick
Brilly alert in the garden
Brill's stunning outline and structure
Anya elegant in repose
Brill's portrait by the Rhodedrons
Baqir and his Mom
Brill the louging Diva girl
Brill sits in the yard
Brill standing gracefully in the yard
Brill looking stunning in the garden!
Brill leaping to see a deer
Baqir, what's up there Mom!
Brill and her sisters enjoying a snow st
Brill BOS in Sweepstakes
Brill in the snow
Brill at the ocean
baqir getting loves during the party
Lance leading his littermates in a run
Baqir likes to eat the snow
Baqir and his brother Rigel on a car rid
Baby Baqir standing in the grass
Anja with her toy
Aneese with her toy
Aneese sidegait
Anja freestacked as a pup

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