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Minimum Requirements To Acquire

A Sedona Borzoi Puppy

As reputable Borzoi breeders, it is our responsibility to take the utmost care in placing our precious puppies in homes that are well suited for them and will supply the optimum environment for proper development, safety and enrichment.


We select and choose puppy parents very carefully and have been blessed with many loving homes and friends along the way. Our committment to our puppies lasts for their entire life and we are there for them forever.


First and foremost is of course a loving and caring home, the rest are care oriented.  The requirements outlined below are the minimum that Sedona Borzoi will accept when considering a prospective applicant.  


If you do not meet these requirements, please Do Not submit a puppy application.


1.  Sorry, but we do not place puppies in apartments or condominiums.  Our puppy parents live in a home with a backyard.

2.  Your yard must be fully fenced with permanent fencing 5 feet or higher

3.  Your yard should be at least 30 x 75 in size or a combination that is similar.

4.  A Borzoi puppy needs a playmate while you are away at work.  Puppy should not be left alone all day without a companion.

5.  If you do not work and will be home with puppy, a playmate situation may not be required.

6.  You have the ability to provide an enclosed area for your puppy to be loose and play while you are at work.  

           a.   Kennel fencing set up in your garage (heat lamps if necessary) with a bed or crate as well as playmate.
           b.  A room in your home that you devote to puppy and a playmate that has a place where they can potty.
           c.  Indoor-outdoor kennel with indoor heat and adequate kennel run size.

7.  Crating a puppy while you are at work is not acceptable.

8.  We require crate training for safe vehicle tranportation or safe sleeping until Borzoi is old enough to stay out of trouble.

9.  We require that you have your puppy sleep in an expen or crate at night while young for safety.

10.  Puppy must never be let off leash unless they are in a fully fenced area.

11.   We strongly discourage dog parks. Several pups have been attacked by larger breeds and have been emotionally scarred.

12.  Puppy must have access to fresh water all day with completely new, fresh water provided every morning.

13.  Prospective puppy parent should have the financial ability to pay for a puppy emergency such as a broken leg.

14.  Puppy will be actively socialized with other adults, children and dogs on a consistent basis for proper development.

15.  Puppy will be trained using only positive reinforcment training.  Borzoi do not respond well to negativity.

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