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Gryph Wins WD/BOW 3 Days In A Row!

Our Finnish Import: Of Golden West Sedona The Gryphon just won WD/BOW 3 days in a row at the Elma show with a MAJOR on Saturday! We did not enter on Sunday.

Gryph has both majors and 10 points after only being back with us for one year! Shown to perfection by my wonderful husband Jeff, Gryph just floated around the ring with his lovely movement and wowed the judges!

Of Golden West Sedona The Gryphon - Major!

We are thrilled that "our" sweet Gryphy found his way back to us as this is where he was meant to be! We adore him and thank his breeders Nina and Tanja for this spectacular boy! Our thanks to judges Loraine Boutwell, Eugene Blake and Judy Webb for recognizing our wonderful Gryphon.



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