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Puppy Parent Testimonials

Olynxa And Roo 3.png

"Roo, the miracle boy.....he survived,  having been born only 4 oz. I believe it was the immense "love" Tamara and Jeff have for him, ....for all their dogs, that he managed to survive against all odds. Roo is kind, he is humble, thoughtful, respectful and the most gentle and sensitive soul I have ever known.....I feel blessed to have him and lucky to call Tamara and Jeff my friends.
"All I can say is thank you for Roo."

Olynxa Levy


"After 25 years of showing dogs I went in search of a unique breed and decided on the Borzoi. I researched and selected, Sedona Borzoi's." "My family is loved by the beautiful Sedona Moonlit Legacy known as, Promise. Her temperament, health and conformation are what breeders strive for." Promise is currently attending obedience classes and starting her show career. She's already mastered being a loving member of our family."

Judy Luxenberg

Beau Head.png

"I got my beautiful Borzoi, Beau, in 2013. I was impressed with the Sedona Borzoi selection process of insuring that their dogs were suited to their new parents and home.  Beau is the first dog that I have had since I was a child. He has the sweetest personality, full of smiles, smart, and has been such a wonderful companion. Tamara and Jeff have been very helpful providing recommendations and answering any questions that I have had.   Their extensive knowledge and experience is evidenced in the care of their dogs and with their puppy parents"

Jackie Spalding

Dan Stella.png

"Stella was our pick from the Deja Vu litter.  We traveled up to Washington from Arizona to pick her out and we have adored her ever since.  Tamara and Jeff welcomed us into their home and we have been friends ever since.  She finished her championship easily and has brought us much joy."  We now have a breeding partnership with Tamara and Jeff that has allowed us to breed our own borzoi puppies and preserve the exquisite type that both Sedona and Avatar Borzoi love.  We thank Tamara and Jeff for this long term friendship that has resulted in many beautiful Borzoi.

Dan Averill


"It has been nearly 8 years since our sighthound family was enhanced by the arrival of Baqir and Rigel, two brothers from the Roaring Twenties Litter, and their wonderful breeders Tamara and Jeff.  Not only have the boiz been wonderful and loving companions, Baq has also enriched our family by training and working as a Service Dog for one of our family members, enabling them to lead a richer, fuller life.  Beautiful, yes...but also clever, silly, thoughtful and dear. The icing on the cake was being able to add Tamara and Jeff to our list of friends, their kindness, support and generosity knows no bounds!  Thank you Sedona Borzoi!"

Mary Maconnell Veronda


"I had a Borzoi, Misha who is a lovely gentleman plus a Border/Aussie mix, Ginger, and was not thinking of another family member.  But Tamara and I ended up talking about Jasmine and how she would like her to have a loving home.  Tamara was encouraging and supportive in this decision to see how she would meld with the other two. Jasmine looked the situation over and must have thought this is good. She is a special girl who is always giving that unexpected kiss of "thank you" or "love you".  And her love is not just for me, she spreads it to Misha and Ginger. Her personality is contagious and her play and love of life delightful.  Thank you Tamara!"

Nancy Beth Lovell


"We adopted 2 puppies from Sedona Borzoi in 2012, Dreamer and Zeke. While waiting for our puppies to be old enough to come home, I called Tamara many, many times and she was always more than happy to answer all my questions. I still talk to her 5 years later, trading comical stories and helpful info. Our Sedona Borzoi pups are stunningly beautiful with delightful personalities. They are strong, healthy, happy dogs. Tamara and Jeff could not have been more helpful. The only difficult thing about our experience with Sedona Borzoi was the process of picking just 2 puppies, I wanted them all!!!"

Linda and Jack Barizek

Lance On Sofa.png

"It's hard to believe it's been 7 years but my Sedona puppy (Roaring 20's Tophat 'n Spatz) is officially a veteran. You'd never know it to see him run. Lance is a beautiful representative of the breed and a great addition to the family.  As a former animal cruelty investigator, I am careful about where and from whom to purchase any dog. Tamara made sure I was ready by having a colleague visit my home and check fence height, space and suitability for the perfect match. I can't say enough about the professionalism and support from Sedona over the years from finding a puppy, getting him across the country, to training and caring for him. Thank you!

Didi Culp


"We got our beautiful Borzoi in 2012. I did a lot of research on what kind of dog I wanted and fell in love with the Sedona Borzoi breeders.  Lulu is the best dog I've ever had. Lovable, sweet and easy to live with. When we go for walks I meet so many people because of her. She is stunning and healthy. She has had no health issues at all. The Borzoi breed is not well known but everyone who meets Lulu loves her. I can not recommend a better breeder than Sedona Borzoi."

"Great people. Beautiful,healthy dogs."

Julane Kafetzopoulos


"I am owned by 2 wonderful Sedona Borzoi Quinnie and Bon Bon.  My experience applying for a puppy, the interveiw and selection process was very professional and smooth. I could not be happier with my two boys.  They are very loving and have great personalities.  Tamara and I have now been friends for 8 years and last year we imported a beautiful Borzoi girl together.  Her name is Vivian and she will be the foundation bitch for my first litter." 

"We have become wonderful friends!"

Kayo Wakimyama


"Just got back from a walk at the Mall with our precious Anja (Roaring 20's Onyx and Pearlz).   A day doesn't go by that we don't have people stop to talk about our beautiful zoigirl."  

"Our Sedona Borzoi experience over the past 6 years has been incredible.  My husband and I have never had a sighthound nor have we ever had a female dog. Thanks to Tamara at Sedona Borzoi we didn't have to bumble our way as new zoi parents."  

"Tamara, we owe you so much for leading us in the raising of our girl ... from everything we needed to know about feeding to what kind of collars are best and what kind of shampoo to use.  We couldn't have done it without y'all holding our hand over the phone so that we would be aware of pitfalls or do's and don'ts."  

"Just saw the requirements for prospective puppy parents and couldn't agree more about the things that will insure a safe, well-adjusted and happy zoi.  We are looking forward to getting a zoiboy in the future."  

Sharon and Don Hufstader

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