Russian Royalty Puppy Gallery

Miia as a proud pup!
Miia's pretty eyes
Alek snoozing
Barii sidegait
Alek's stunning head
Alek on the deck
Annya mesmerized
Our beautiful Barii
Vlad's beautiful profile
Vlad is a happy boy!
Misha as a serious pup
Vlad the Dad
Misha and Barii playing with Jeff
Miia's stunning head
Misha with his new bud
Miia under a tree
Jeff and Barii
Misha on the move
Miia free stack
Misha meeting his kitty friend
Miia under a pine
Misha with his new frisbee
Miia likes the smell of the nobel fir
Barii at the lake
Barii as a big boy pup!
Miia getting ready to pounce
Just Barii
Miia exploring the pond
Miia as a young pup
Misha and his new parents
Leeza's new animal print bed
Barii's stunning profile
Leeza wiht her new Mom
Alek asleep in Moms paw
Leeza is the queen of her bed!
Leeza in her new rain jacket
Vicious Misha puppy
Kaia's cute face
Anny looking at the squirrels
Kaia stacked
Kaia with Jeff
Kaia on the move
Hi Mom!
Barii BOW Puget Sound Borzoi Club
Anny, what Mom
Barii patiently watching his brothers an
Barii under the pine
Barii and Alek
Annya's stunning head
Alek's high set ears
Annya the coquette
Annya is royalty!
Anny snow dream'n
Anny beauty in repose
Anny in an artistic capture
Alek's beautiful head
Anny and her new human sister
Alek is elegance in repose
Alek by the pond
Alek asleep in Moms arms
Alek and Zasha playing tug
Alek and Barii
Alek and Zasha
Alek and Barii by the fireplace

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