Legacy Puppy Gallery

Tabri stunning in repose
Promise stunning profile
Kazan and his IG sisters
Filligree and Tabri's stunning profiles.
Filligree and Tabri getting cookies from
Dmitry's pretty puppy face
Dmitry standing by the pond
Dmitry snuggling his toy
Dimitry looking into the pond
Dimitry as a little puppy
Mishka puppy stack
Tabri new Champion!
Tabri in the yard
Stoli as a small puppy nursing
Tabri free stack with her tail wag
Tabri ready for the show ring
Stoli king of his tree stump
Stoli loves the snow!
Kazan stack on lead
Gizelle's pretty puppy face
Tabri peering out the window
Gizelle puppy stack
Gizelle and Dimitry in their walking har
Filligree stacked as a young pup
Mishka take a dip in the lake
Mishka standing by the trail
Promise lounging in the yard
Stoli King of the hill
Promise and her Dobi buddy
Princess Promise sleeps like sleeping be
Nikai's pretty puppy head
Nikai with Papa Dale
Nikai standing on the river bank
Nikai lounging on the dock
Stoli smells a pine bush
The kids looking into the pond

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